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Jumper Cables DTF Print only Black 🖤

Jumper Cables DTF Print only Black 🖤

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Tat 24-48 hours 


- Can be applied to all types of fabric
- Can be applied to fabric of any color
- Better than vinyl, screen printing, DTG
- Full color + white
- Soft feel
- Great durability
- Gang sheets are welcome
- No minimum
- Fast turnarounD 

We are not responsible for improper pressing and or peeling. 

* This listing is for the heat transfer print only! Does not include design, garment or pressing. Please ensure the artwork is exactly as you want it printed. All artworks will be printed the way we received them - we will not edit your artwork! We are not responsible for quality issues resulted of bad quality/low resolution files provided to us! Failure to supply a print ready PNG file will result in your order being cancelled and refunded!
** By ordering this listing you declare that you have the copyrights over the artwork to be printed! Print can not be hold liable for any copyright issues!


If YOU choose to use a CRICUT you do so at YOUR OWN RISK, we are NOT responsible if you DO NOT achieve desired results.

👚Pressing Recommendations:
Pre-Press garment to remove moisture
HEAT PRESS: Press transfer with heavy pressure at 300 - 305 degrees for 10 seconds, Heavy Pressure!
Peel HOT, make sure to peel from the most solid corner of the design with confidence!
Apply a piece of parchment or teflon sheet and press for 5 Seconds heavy pressure!
The design might have a slight tacky feel, let the fully pressed shirt and design fully cool and the tacky feeling will go away
Enjoy 🤩

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