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Dtf transfer Riffy MATTerial pink

Dtf transfer Riffy MATTerial pink

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These transfers can be applied to all blends and colors of fabric.

We are not responsible for improper pressing and or peeling.
* This listing is for the heat transfer print only! Does not include design, garment or pressing.


👚Pressing Recommendations:
Pre-Press garment to remove moisture
HEAT PRESS: Press transfer with heavy pressure at 300 - 305 degrees for 10 seconds, Heavy Pressure!
Peel HOT, make sure to peel from the most solid corner of the design with confidence!
Apply a piece of parchment or teflon sheet and press for 5 Seconds heavy pressure!
The design might have a slight tacky feel, let the fully pressed shirt and design fully cool and the tacky feeling will go away
Enjoy 🤩

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